Выставочная компания «ТЕКСТИЛЬЛЕГПРОМ»
28 February–2 March 2015 All-Russia Exhibition Centre
Moscow, Russia
Halls 55, 57, 69, 75


You may contact our official travel agent:

Travel company Reisebuero WELT Ltd

The orders are completed as soon as they are received and as the limit of rooms in hotels is reached. Hotel room booking is made on the basis of payment according to the outstanding invoice. The invoice should be paid not later than the period indicated in the invoice. Otherwise the order will be cancelled.

Participants of exhibitions (as those who intend to make a business trip) require visas. The basis for visa obtaining is a business invitation letter issued by the Consular Department of the Ministry of the Interior through its authorized agents-legal entities, registered in above-mentioned Ministry. Textilexpo’s appointed travel agent Reisebuero WELT Ltd. has right to issue such letters and would like to inform you about the procedure:

To start the procedure we need the following:

1. Well-scanned copy of the vital information pages of your valid passport (showing Name, Birth Date, Passport Number, Expiration Date).
2. Filled in questionnaire for entry visa support (all points should be indicated in block letters, pay special attention to the place of accommodation in Russia, as you should register your visa. The most convenient and safe way to do it is to register the visa at the hotel. Moreover the Ministry of the Interior keeps its own database of foreign visitors to take measures against illegal immigrants without registration).

We are also able to support you with hotel accommodation and transfer service.

If you have other questions, please contact Reisebuero WELT Ltd. immediately so they could help you as soon as possible.

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09.02.2015 - 12.02.2015
«Мужчина и Женщина. Очарование»
Место проведения: Россия, Челябинск