Выставочная компания «ТЕКСТИЛЬЛЕГПРОМ»
28 February–2 March 2015 All-Russia Exhibition Centre
Moscow, Russia
Halls 55, 57, 69, 75

Booth construction

Having approved booth location, Exhibitor is to submit to the Organizer the booth construction project. If no such information is submitted to the Organizer till , the booth is build up by the Standard Shell Scheme.

  • Booth Equipment (pictures)
  • Standard Scheme (pictures)

Price list for booth equipment:



Movable table

Floor covering

Display table 1x0,5, h=0,75m

Display table 1x0,5, h=0,75m (beyond standard package)

Bent railing h=2,5m

Bent railing (beyond standard package)

Waste bin

Coat-rack for participants

Standard fascia board

Company logo on fascia board:
- 1 color
- 2-4 colours
Please send in Corel Draw to textilexpo@textilexpo.ru

Railing for samples display per 1 m

Hanger (square section) per 1 m, h=2,5m

Storage / office room with swing or folding door (at booths smaller than 12 sq.m.)

Glass show window h=2m

Glass show window h=1m

Shelving system 1x0,5x0,2 (3 shelves) h=2m

Single shelf

Glass wall panel per 1m, h=2m

Wall panels and supports

Extra lighting (more than 1 spotlight per 2 sq. m) price per 1 spotlight

Plug socket (booth area 9 sq. m. or more)

Plug socket (beyond standard package)



Water supply and no washing device
Water supply and a washing device